The primary objective for its establishment was to have a Ministry responsible for policy formulation, coordination and monitoring and evaluation of Gender, Children and Social Protection issues within the context of the national development agenda. This will lead to the achievement of gender equality, equity, the empowerment of women and girls, pr...
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MoGCSP Functions

The Ministry’s core functions are to:
(a) Ensure the mainstreaming of gender, children and social protection concerns in national government policies, plans, programs and budgets;

(b) Formulate gender, children and social protection policies and strategies;

(c) Coordinate the preparation of national gender, children and social protection development plans;

(d) Design and implement monitoring and evaluation frameworks for gender, children and social protection and programs;

(e) Ensure national compliance with all international conventions on women and children, as well as on vulnerable, excluded, marginalized groups, and persons with disabilities;

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Mission & Vision

The Ministry is mandated promote the development, empowerment and protection of women, girls and children, as well as the welfare and integration of persons with disabilities, the vulnerable, extremely poor, excluded and disadvantaged. Specifically, the Ministry is mandated to initiate, develop and implement and/or coordinate policies and programs ...
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The organizational structure of the Ministry shall be as follows:

a) Office of the Minister; which shall provide overall policy and strategic direction and guidance to the ministry

b) Department for Research, Policy, and Planning, which shall be responsible for the research, policies and regulations development, and program planning, as well as monitoring and evaluation functions of the ministry;

c) Department for Gender, which shall be responsible for women’s and adolescent girls’ issues, policies and programs;

d) Department for Children and Social Protection, which shall be responsible for policies and programs targeted at children, the physically challenged, elderly, marginalized, the vulnerable, disadvantaged and excluded groups; and

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