Gender And Partners Kick-off Child Protection Awareness Campaign

Gender And Partners Kick-off Child Protection Awareness Campaign Gender And Partners Kick-off Child Protection Awareness Campaign
Gender And Partners Kick-off Child Protection Awareness Campaign
The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection in collaboration with Child Protection Network and Partners with support from the Spotlight Initiative have launched a four-day Child Protection Awareness Campaign in five Communities within Montserrado County.
The awareness campaign is aimed at curtailing the unacceptable number of rape cases, child labor and harsh punishment instituted against children in homes, communities, public and the private areas. Awareness on the children’s law, domestic violence law, the national child protection referral pathway and the COVID-19 national health protocol are being highlighted in these Communities.
The exercise is also geared towards achieving the Government of Liberia and Partners Roadmap on Ending Sexual and Gender-Based Violence by 2022.
Gender Based Violence including sexual and physical violence at the domestic level is alarming and survivors are often left with lasting physical and emotional scars. Sadly, the current outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has placed women and children at a disproportionately rate of violence being meted against them. 
Women and children are more vulnerable to violence at the domestic and public levels - in most cases, children are practically being used as bread winners either because their parents/caretakers are of age or due to economic constraints. 
There have been efforts to curtail such dreadful act. In September of 2020, the Government of Liberia and Partners launched a Roadmap document aimed at curbing the situation. Over the period of time, Child Protection Organizations in the administration of Juvenile Justice including child rights and protection as well as other development partners have engendered measurable actions/programs targeted at combating child physical and sexual violence.
The child protection advocacy campaign is being implemented in five Communities (the Peace Island-540, Clara Town, New Kru Town, Soniwehn and Brewersville Township) in Montserrado County.
Messages that are tailored and being disseminated to community dwellers include but not limited to: Children have the rights to good health and protection, let’s join hands to stop violence against children.
Children are not bread winners, children to school, adults to work.
Children are to be heard, respected and protected by their guidance.
Our children must be in school, don’t send a child to sell in the streets.
Girls are not mothers, say no to early marriages and teenage pregnancy.
Sexual violence against a child will harm the child’s future, stop sexual violence against children.
Don't touch a child inappropriately and real men do not have sex with children, if you do, you will be sent to jail.
The awareness campaign was launched on Monday, December 28, 2020 and is expected to end on Thursday, December 31, 2020.

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