Ministry of Gender 2020 New Year Message


The Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection seize this unique opportunity as we have been ushered in 2020 to recommit, reinforce, and reaffirm its mandate to protecting, promoting, developing, and empowering women and girls as well as integrating persons with disabilities, the vulnerable, the elderly and the extremely poor.

The Ministry wishes to reassure the public that it remains stronger in leading efforts in curbing rape, domestic violence, child abuse, teenage pregnancy, prostitution and a host of social vices that affect society. Gender remains dedicated to caring for the vulnerable, the extremely poor, the elderly and people living with disabilities and HIV.

As the New Year progresses, the Ministry vows to set stronger policies, programs, and activities geared towards benefiting women, girls, boys, the elderly, extremely poor, vulnerable, persons living with disabilities and HIV. The Ministry draws
renewed strength and vigor from its mandate and recommits itself to answering the greater call to promoting, enhancing and implementing programs and activities that have a positive effect on gender mainstreaming and social protection.

The Ministry vows to lead uncompromising social
advocacies against early child marriage, harmful traditional practices, rape, domestic violence, and teenage pregnancy. The Ministry looks forward to working with the Ministry of Education and partners in leading sustained efforts towards championing and engineering girls' education. As a Ministry, we will continue to strengthen our engagements with partners and other stakeholders for intentional increment in our advocacy with men and hope to see men lead in this endeavor as they are considered the perpetrators of most of the gender-based violence.

The Ministry intends to strengthen
its coordination with the Ministry of Justice and its attending branches, especially the Liberia National Police and at the same time urges the public to report the cases of rape and other forms of domestic violence. The Ministry encourages the public to familiarize itself with the Domestic Violent Act, Child Rights Act, Disability Act and other relevant Acts in order to become cognizant of the laws so that would
be perpetrators do not take advantage of them. In conclusion, let us all report rape cases and stop compromising them. We should not allow the perpetrators to go with impunity. Take Action, Report It, and Save Lives! Happy New Year

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