Caravan Continues In FISH TOWN

Women, Let’s Move! #Caravan Continues In FISH TOWN
The momentum of the ongoing Women, Let’s Move #Caravan, a nationwide campaign that promotes women’s political participation and representation, continued in Fish Town, River Gee County during the week.

An awareness team constituting the Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Protection, National Elections Commission (NEC), Liberia National Rural Women Structure, Women NGO Secretariat (WONGOSOL) and COPPWIL arrived in River Gee County during the course of the week in continuation of Region III Women, Let’s Move! #Caravan.

The #Caravan‘s delegation headed by Minister Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr was greeted with an array of women of jubilant women groups comprising of local women leaders, students, women political aspirants, market women, religious and traditional women and women in local leadership.

The nationwide awareness campaign, which is in its final stage, is being initiated with support from the #PeaceBuilding Fund through UN Women and #UNDP.

While in the Southeast, the awareness team is engaging with various women groupings within keys cities including Fish Town, River Gee County, Pleebo and Harper Cities, Maryland County, Barclayville, Grand Kru County, Greenville, Sinoe County and Cestos, Rivercess County cross-section of women groups ranging from traditional leaders, women in politics, youth and community leaders as well as rural women structures including market women amongst others.

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This massive women’s outreach campaign sets the stage for further awareness on the Electoral Law Reform and particularly the issues of advocating for electoral quotas for women.

At the Fish Town City Hall on Thursday, May 11, 2023, women from all spectrum of River Gee County converged in anticipation of joining the awareness outreach that seeks to breach the gap between men and women at the National Legislature.

In remarks, the Minister of Gender, Children & Social Protection – Liberia, Honorable Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr, reiterated the call for women to take the lead by championing all efforts intended to breach the existing gap. Minister Saydee-Tarr used the occasion to refresh women on some current challenges that appear as hurdles to assuming elective posts, however, she quickly reminded them that if Liberia will experience an immediate change, it has to come from the women themselves. She said women must firstly encourage themselves that they are capable of challenging the men for top political positions.

In his words, Superintendent Philip Q. Nyanuh reaffirmed his fullest commitment to supporting women aspirants ahead of the October 10, General and Presidential Elections. Deputy Minister Hassan Karneh while providing the overview of the Women, Let’s Move Caravan, challenged women to cease the occasion and use the moment as a motivation to encourage other women to support the process. Madam Elizabeth Sambolla, President of the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) also encouraged the women by calling on them to support all would-be women political aspirants. She used her story at the recent LMA’s election as another motivation for women to see and push themselves.

The gathering was attended by several women groups from across River Gee County.

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