Gender Minister Confers With Swedish Counterpart at the CSW68

Liberia’s Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Madam Gbeme Horace-Kollie has expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Republic of Sweden for their unwavering support, especially through the UNDP-Liberia Electoral Support Project, which ensured peaceful and transparent elections in Liberia.
The Minister message was conveyed during a bilateral meeting held with the Swedish Gender Minister and esteemed representative from the Swedish Embassy in New York at the CSW68, United States of America.
The meeting was gear towards fostering closer ties and strengthening partnership between Liberia and her Swedish counterparts in addressing and advancing gender equality programs In Liberia.
During the bilateral discussions, Minister Horace-Kollie also advocated for support towards the fight against gender equality through the ‘Climb the Lauder Project’ for women’s in leadership, Children in Street Situation Roadmap and vulnerable children’s education.
In that direction, the Gender Boss invited Sweden to join Liberia in addressing some of the pressing national issues affecting women and children through joint initiative and partnership.
Some key priorities outlined by the Gender minister included the urgent need to curb gender-based violence, promote economic empowerment, achieve education and gender equality, ensure health and reproductive rights, and implement inclusive policies and legislation that promote viability.
Furthermore, the Minister called for women’s participation in leadership and STEM fields and addressed the intersectionality of gender and climate change.
“Empowering youth and challenging stereotypes are essential for fostering advocacy for gender equality, and initiatives to challenge caregiving stereotypes.”
In response, Swedish Minister for Gender Equality Paulina Brandberg highlighted Sweden’s commitment to gender equality and expressed interest in working with the Liberia on key issues such as FGM, child marriage, and other vulnerable groups.
In closing, Minister Horace-Kollie once again expressed gratitude for the potential collaboration and hope that it would serve as a beacon of hope especially while attracting global efforts for a future where gender equality is a reality both in Liberia and Sweden.

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