Hon. Tebeh A.M. Glay


Madam Mamensie Fomba Kabba is the Assistant Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. She comes with a strong political and social justice advocacy background. She has provided extraordinary leadership as a political and social justice advocate; excellently articulating the fundamentals of human rights and equal justice, women empowerment & political leadership and communicating her party’s manifesto and vision of peace & prosperity to both national and international audiences.

She is an enterprising and reputable young Liberian politician with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and minor in Political Science, (Magna Cum Laude) from the African Methodist Episcopal University in Liberia, with Certificates in other areas of disciplines. Hon. Kabba has given public lectures and held debates at many public forums and served as keynote – speaker and guest presenter at many auspicious occasions inspiring the young generation of her country. She offers hope, peace, and prosperity for the country through her public lectures and dialogues. She strongly believes the future of her country rests with a prepared young generation. Her interest is in International Relations and community development.

Madam Kabba is keen on growing in her role as Assistant Minister for Administration; eager to help the Ministry accomplishes its goals and Strategic Plans aimed at ultimately helping President Weah deliver on his “Pro-poor” Agenda for prosperity and development. Inspired by her calling to advocacy for gender equality and social justice for all, Madam Kabba embarked on the struggle during the regime of Former President Sirleaf holding government and other state actors to respect and protect women’s and children’s rights. The famous ‘Bring Back our Girls Campaign’ was launched with her fullest participation as head of a group under the banner “Concerned Liberians” for the government to act fast in rescuing the girls who were trafficked to Lebanon for economic motive (prostitution, sex-workers) by some foreign businessmen. This campaign pushed and compelled the government’s quick action by ensuring that the girls were brought back. Fair treatment, rehabilitation, and family re-integration were Madam Kabba’s sustained debate.

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On account of her party’s ideology and vision for the country, she championed the call for her political leader, Excellency George Manneh Weah, to contest the 2014 Midterm elections. She upheld the debate and struggle throughout the tranches of Montserrad o County thus marketing the vision for the County. The platform included; Education, Women Empowerment, and Skill Training for vulnerable people and the passage of laws in the interest of the people mainly for community development. Her debate made sense and her leader was elected Senator of the County.

Madam Kabba delivered the Conventional Speech at the official collaboration of the Congress for Democratic Change, National Patriotic Party and the Liberia People Democratic Party which formed the RULING Coalition for Democratic Change. Her inspiring speech stimulated the spirit of partisans and energized them into campaign mood in readiness for the 2017 Presidential Election. Her courage and commitment to the struggle motivated the Governing Council and the Standard bearer of the Coalition selection of her to delivery said conventional address.

Madam Kabba’s advocacy , outstanding and distinguished leadership performances won her several awards; The Liberian Youth Award 2018 as the Most Exceptional Young Personality in Government; The Adama Bill Corneh Royal Sisters Award, the National Inter-Political Festival Award, The Center for Social-Political and Economic Exchange Award, the Women for Development Award, the African Women Congress Submit Award are amongst other key achievements that continue to motivate and increase her passion for advocacy for the rights of women and girls irrespective of their status in society.

These awards and honors were as a result of her advocacy and being an inspiration to adolescent girls and the women of Liberia.

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